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Kaiping Macao optimal sanitary ware co., LTD. Is located in jiangmen city, guangdong province, China,The company is located in"The faucet production base in China"Kaiping shuikou town,In three big domestic plumbing sanitary ware industry cluster,Shuikou town sanitary ware industry represents the domestic high-end faucet products¡¢Design halfback¡¢Mature technology¡¢Large scale¡¢Is the current domestic representative industry pioneer,The industrial cluster effect have ordersAltogether,ReputationRing from around the world¡£More and more

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1.Have more than one160T-200TForce strength die-casting machine
2.Has been with100Many famous sanitary ware enterprise cooperation
3.80%The product model are all in stock sales
4.Capacity can reach50000000-00-0-0-0-0800Ten thousand only
5.Product production cycle can be shortened7Days
6.In product yield can reach as a whole97%¡£

AOYOMAustralian made China hutch defends list¡°Hutch defends industryOEMStar¡±Honor
AOYOMMacao optimal wei to attend the 10th China£¨The gate£©Defend bath exposition
To start business£ü2019Years£¬New journey set sail£¡
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The 10th China(The gate)Wei yu the expo Held a number of activities
Kaiping Macao optimal sanitary ware co., LTD successful landing in guangdong province2018In small and mid-sized enterprises£¨The first783£©
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